Melissa (mels_fibro) wrote in costochondrits,

I hope this community is still active

It is sad to see no one else is here. Perhaps they don't know they pain they suffer in their chest is. I had to go online to find a name for it, because my last episode felt like breast pain.

The first time I had it my doctor just told me it was a form of arthritis.

Now I've had 4 episodes in a year to two years. I'd really have to check with my doctor to get an exact date on when the first one occurred, but two years seems a little long.

It has never been in the same spot, it started low and has been as high as my just below my collar bone. Don't you feel my doctor should have sent me for testing since this has been reoccurring?

A little medical history. I have Fibromyalgia.

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