Melissa (mels_fibro) wrote in costochondrits,

I hope this community is still active

It is sad to see no one else is here. Perhaps they don't know they pain they suffer in their chest is. I had to go online to find a name for it, because my last episode felt like breast pain.

The first time I had it my doctor just told me it was a form of arthritis.

Now I've had 4 episodes in a year to two years. I'd really have to check with my doctor to get an exact date on when the first one occurred, but two years seems a little long.

It has never been in the same spot, it started low and has been as high as my just below my collar bone. Don't you feel my doctor should have sent me for testing since this has been reoccurring?

A little medical history. I have Fibromyalgia.

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costochondritis goes with Fibromyalgia.
i think that 40% of costochondritis cases are in people with fibromyalgia.

mines been almost 4 years. really bad for the past 1.5- mostly constant. i now get steroid injections every 4 weeks plus lidoderm patch cuz i got meningitis from non-steroidal anti inflammitory drugs (NSAIDS) they were treating me with.
Hi thanks for responding. I'm surprised you don't have more people here or maybe they don't realize what their pain is.

I sometimes wonder if all episodes were costochondritis because the pain mainly centered in my sternum, which was extremely painful and almost felt as if it was not connected (if that makes absolutely any sense at all).

Sometimes I fear that this may become a chronic condition in time but I cross my fingers that it may not. Though I'm not going through an episode, my sternum and areas of my ribcage (where I had my last one) are tender to the touch but not painful.

Should I tell my PCP this is something I want looked into since it was not a one time occurance? It's not like I can just up and see him when I want to.

Also, are there special precautions that should be taken when someone performs CPR on you?
i might actually claim "costochondritis" as the community name now that its re-available. (it was taken and deletred before when i made this).

i went to a few rheumatologists and now see a soft-tissue specialist. do you see someome for your fibro? they may deal with this as well. ask.

i'll write more later. must eat now before my blood sugar crashes. =/
Please keep me informed or I will keep an eye out for the new community :)

Sorry for my late delay.
21... chroinic costochondritis, 8 months now, every rib bilaterally
had my second set of labs drawn 4 days ago, MD sts it's early RA or SLE..... sucks
What's SLE?
It's a form of arthritis? I wasn't told that. That would actually explain some things. (I thought it was costal-chondritis, however - because the ribs are the costals...)

My PCP seemed to know what it was, but didn't give me a name for it. He did just tell me that it was a case of arthritis the first two times I came down with it.

I found the name by doing a websearch wondering why I was having breast pain since it has occured in different areas each time.

My Rheumatologist said yes, it's costochondritis and very common with us fibromyalgia sufferers. Though my ribs are always tender, she will begin giving me injections when I get another episode.

Curious, what is SLE? Or should I ask this question under the other post? :D

I'd refer you to the other one...I have no clue!
Thanks :D
Probably nobody has found the community because the title is missing the last "i," so it isn't showing up on their searches.

LJ member Being_Homeless has costochondritis. Unfortunately, she seems to be temporarily out of the LJ action after her last illness.
If you do a search for "costochondritis" this community shows up, that's how I found it.

I think a lot of people don't know the name for it or aren't diagnosed. I wonder if the Fibromyalgia groups/forums (what do yinz call them here?) would mind advertising this place there? Many with fibro suffer from costochondritis and know it, don't or may come down with it in the future.

Sorry to hear about Being_Homeless, she seems to have a lot on her plate. I tend to be unable to deal with my mental illnesses and fibro (along with all the crap that goes along with it). I can only imagine.