gavins1 (gavins1) wrote in costochondrits,

heart pain

Hi, my name is Gavin. I'm 32 and have suffered with chest pain since i was 19. I have had many many tests done and no official diagnosis has been made. My initial test resulted in costochondritis. I mainly get the pain in my heart the day after drinking and it usually lasts about 2 days. The night time is the worst as i'm unable to sleep and keep getting shortage of breath. I sometimes (when I do eventually fall asleep) wake up gasping for air. When I get the pain I feel like I have to hold my chest, its a weird sensation to explain. I don't get pains in my left arm just in the heart area. I barely drink now coz its not worth it, maybe have one light beer a week and anything more I suffer the next day with the pain. I would love to hear if someone has a similar issue and what you do to control it.

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