Roni Ann (cate211) wrote in costochondrits,
Roni Ann

Hey Everyone!

Hi everyone. My name is Roni Ann and I'm 21 years old. I am SO GLAD to see this community. For years, the doctors have been telling me that I have costochondritis and I was beginning to feel like it was either rare or just no one around me suffers from it. They told that the reason I suffer from it so often is because of all the scar tissue I have in my chest from my open heart surgery and PA banding (I was born with 3 holes in my heart and had 2 patched when I was a year old).The doctors always told me to pop like 4 ibruprofen at a time for it. I've finally learned the triggers for the most part and avoid them, but I still suffer from it too frequently.

Anyway, I don't have anything I want to say that's very significant right now but I am so happy to be able to join this community and hopefully learn more about "costo" as I call it. I look forward to participating in this group and talking to the rest of you.
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